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YogaFit in Ibiza is the best down to earth yoga and fitness retreat

Prior to heading to this yoga and fitness retreat, I’d been to Ibiza three times.

canada goose Each of these had been extremely hedonistic, full of everything you’d usually associate with Ibiza, and I’d left the island missing chunks of my soul. canada canada goose clothing uk goose

Canada Goose sale So, when I was invited to spend time at a yoga and fitness retreat on the small Balearic island, I chuckled. However, I’d heard whispers that there was more to the country than super clubs and overpriced mineral water so I was definitely down to clown. Canada Goose sale

Canada Goose Outlet I flew out to YogaFit’s April retreat with canada goose factory outlet my pal, a guy who’s done yoga twice in his life, and who I spent my last Ibiza trip with. Canada Goose Outlet

As we sat in Gatwick airport’s Wetherspoon before our flight, we shuddered at the memories of our last trip, and decided we canada goose outlet in usa were ready to create new, more wholesome ones. While we ate chips and downed rum and coke. Old habits die hard.

Fast forward a few hours and we’re arriving at Invisa Hotel Club Cala Blanca in Es Figueral in the north east part of the island, about a canada goose premium outlet 35 minute drive from Ibiza airport.

canada goose black friday sale The retreat runs for seven days but you don’t need to stay all week you can go for canada goose victoria parka outlet as little as three nights. Plus, you can arrive and leave when you please, so it’s super canada goose outlet ontario flexible. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose clearance sale We arrived on the night of the first day, and stayed for four nights. canada goose clearance sale

buy canada goose jacket cheap I’ve only ever had experiences of small canada goose outlet , expensive, fancy retreats (having either reviewed or worked at them) in tropical destinations https://www.getcanadagooseoutlet.com , and this one turned out to be extremely refreshing. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose coats So, here’s why I recommend you fly out to Ibiza if you’re after an affordable, canada goose outlet houston varied and accessible yoga and fitness holiday. canada goose coats

There are a ridiculous amount of classes

Canada Goose online Sunrise yoga on the marina (Picture: Lisa Bowman)On smaller retreats, you have canada goose outlet uk sale to all do the same classes, with no alternatives. Canada Goose canada goose outlet store new york online

Canada Goose Parka YogaFit lets you create your own experience, with the opportunity to do a whopping eight classes every day, and you can do as much or as little as you want. Canada Goose Parka

At any given time, you’ll have the choice of up to five classes, with varying levels of intensity so you can choose to go hard at a HIIT class, stretch it out at restorative yoga, or find inner peace with Tai Chi on the beach.

While there was lots of different types of yoga to try, it wasn’t all about yoga, with loads canada goose outlet website legit of fitness, holistic and dance classes to choose from.

canada goose clearance Getting up for 7.30am sunrise yoga at the marina was well worth it, before heading down to a well earned breakfast, canada goose parka outlet but there were also higher and lower intensity options for your (potential) first canada goose outlet montreal class, like sunrise beach walks, hot power yoga and Yin yoga. canada goose clearance

Of course, you didn’t need to get up canada goose outlet belgium at that hour every day and there was no judgement from anyone if you didn’t.

cheap Canada Goose I absolutely loved doing bedtime yoga there’s nothing worse than doing a canada goose parka outlet uk late night yoga class in London, then losing your zen when you have to trek back home, but here? You were only a few steps away from canada goose outlet new york bed, so you could float away from the studio wrapped in your blanket and have the most blissed out sleep ever. cheap Canada Goose

I’ve never done yoga nidra (a guided sleep meditation) before and it was incredible, and so perfect to do just before bed.

The Happiness Explore workshop with Lydia (Picture: YogaFit)As well as exercise classes, there were lots of meditation classes and workshops, including nutrition talks, support groups and happiness life coaching.

Canada Goose Jackets I went to Lydia’s The Happiness Explorer class as I often struggle to keep a positive outlook following years of poor mental health, and the session was so helpful in giving useful pointers at how to achieve my goals without self sabotaging. I love self help books as they’re basically cheap therapy, so this talk was right up my street and I left with loads of notes, which I still keep on my desk at home for when I’m not feeling sure of myself. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose deals I was gutted I wasn’t canada goose outlet in new york there for the ‘relax your jaw’ workshop, as canada goose outlet store calgary I find I hold a lot of tension in my jaw and canada goose outlet store uk was really interested in canada goose outlet nyc how to deal with that. canada goose deals

canadian goose jacket Check out a sample YogaFit schedule here. canadian goose jacket

buy canada goose jacket It’s the perfect place to try new things buy canada goose jacket

canada goose store A dance class at YogaFit (Picture: YogaFit)Speaking of, myself and Rob tried loads of new things in our few days here. Classes in London are so expensive, which puts you off branching out if you already pay for a monthly unlimited pass at a set studio. canada goose store

Sunny’s Bhangracise class was so much fun, and something I’d never have done at home. (Plus, he’s an absolute legend.) Same goes for Mike’s abs blast and Beko’s tribal yoga.

We also did a Yin yoga sound bath before bed, which was wild. The teachers put you in Yin yoga poses before moving around and putting singing bowls on various parts of your body and I had one put on my spine, which was pretty intense. I did think I canada goose outlet las vegas might explode.

canada goose canada goose outlet store montreal coats on sale There’s a real sense of camaraderie canada goose coats on sale

Me and Rob at Sunny’s dancers stretch class (Picture: YogaFit)I love yoga, I really do I’ve written before about how yoga and cycling help my mental heath but I will admit that there can be real issues with the ego in some yoga classes.

danica patrick is eager to move past racing and become a full

Canada Goose Outlet Oculus says it has more than 1000 games, experiences, and apps to choose from. Content partners include outfits known for passive entertainment like Discovery canada goose outlet , Hulu, and Netflix, as well as the games and edutainment apps one would expect on a VR platform. Part of the initial content library is made of enhanced ports from Samsung’s Gear VR mobile platform, including Elevator. Canada Goose Outlet

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Play and dance at the great music, eat the best food, meet new people and let yourself loose. This will surely rejuvenate you in and out. Mombasa is not just about enjoying the soft side of the city and relaxing. Keep dreaming. Keep trying. Fighting, laughing and loving.

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