Some of the other names are real too

Sex for Solace: Rosalee sleeps with Noah after learning of her brother’s death. She Cleans Up Nicely: Rosalee and Cato steal some clothes and pretend to be free blacks to get some medicine for Noah. Cato is rather impressed by how nice Rosalee looks in a fine gown with her hair done nicely. Some of the other names are real too, like Aladdin, Khartoum the sorcerer, Fatima and Aziz, two of Aladdin’s former partners in crime; and Farida, one of the sand witches. The urchin Waheed’s name is real as well, and fittingly means «lonely.» Ayam Aghoul, though intended as a lame pun (I am a ghoul), is one letter away from being a possible Arabic phrase, ayam al ghoul, which would mean «days of the demon.» Bittersweet Ending: The plant being Arbutus kidnaps Jasmine as payback for a slight the Sultan committed against him decades ago. Aladdin rescues Jasmine and kills Arbutus, but by then, Arbutus had been shown in a sympathetic light, and was more a victim than a villain.

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