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Amazing Spider Man 416 (October, 1996) included a story by Tom DeFalco where the Daily Bugle is facing financial problems and has to lay off much of its personnel. Meaning that established supporting characters such as Kate Cushing were Put on a Bus, with their fates in doubt. Peter Parker himself, who had only recently returned to New York City with the promise of a permanent staff position, was among those fired and faced an unstable future. The story reportedly served as a way for DeFalco to work «through his feelings» concerning the ongoing financial difficulties of Marvel Comics and a series of Marvel staff layoffs. Some were staffers which DeFalco himself had hired for Marvel, and he felt partly responsible for the company letting them go like this. Per «The Life of Reilly»: «In his Daily Bugle scenes, Tom D. worked in a lot of in jokes and references to what was going on at Marvel, all of which probably went over the heads of people on the outside, but were glaring obvious to anyone who was working (or had been working) at the company.»

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Wholesale Replica Bags False Reassurance: The Doctor tells Kes she has the healthiest Ocampa brain he’s ever seen. Of course it’s the only Ocampa brain he’s ever seen. Fictional Geneva Conventions: Tuvok mentions the Polaric Test Ban Treaty, which prohibits research into polaric ion energy by the Alpha and Beta Quadrant powers due to its destructive potential. The Ghost: The Running Gag of Harry and Tom dating the unseen Delaney Sisters commences (they finally make a one off appearance in Season 5’s «Thirty Days»). Headbutt of Love: Neelix comforting a distraught Kes after she felt the death of everyone on the planet. Heroic Sacrifice: Tom Paris jumped in front of Latika to protect him. Notable as Paris knew these people had less than an hour to live. Human Aliens: They don’t even have funny foreheads! This makes it handy when Tom and Janeway have to unexpectedly impersonate the locals on a planet that hasn’t made First Contact with aliens. Janeway’s red hair is commented on, but that’s it. Improperly Placed Firearms: The anti polaric activists use Detonics Pocket 9’s and the security forces use Calico M950’s both firearms with a ‘futuristic’ look. The Main Characters Do Everything: Tom hands over the conn to a female crew member at the end of his shift, then goes to talk to Harry. After they hit the shockwave, he takes back the helm, then hands it over again to go on the Away Team. Microts: The clock uses rotations, intervals, and fractions. and Hindu Arabic numerals. Missed Him by That Much: The activists have marched Paris and Janeway out of the room just as Voyager makes its first subspace breakthrough and tries to hail them through their badges (which are still lying on the table). My Significance Sense Is Tingling: Kes sleeps through the shockwave, then abruptly sits up in bed like she felt a great disturbance in subspace, as if millions of voices cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced by a planet wide polaric ion discharge. Only Sane Man: The Doctor’s reaction when he realizes no one informed him that Voyager was now carrying two alien passengers, Neelix and Kes. Oh and 36 Maquis now serve as part of the new crew. And he can’t contact Captain Janeway because she’s down on the planet below. Oh. and she is currently missing. Doctor: It seems I’ve found myself on the voyage of the damned Wholesale Replica Bags.