characters living together in a building and dealing with

Naruto has a sizable stable of art weapon users. Sasori, Kankuro and Chiyo are trained puppetmasters, Deidara uses explosive clay, and Sai can bring his paintings to life. Sasori and Deidara, like the One Piece example, were partnered, but constantly argued over whose definition of art was superior (Sasori argued that art should be eternal and sought to make indestructible puppets, while Deidara believed true art was ephemeral and thus explosions were the ultimate expression of art).

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Replica Designer Handbags High School DD: Kiba Yuuto is a calm, confident and skillful Knight. His perpetual smile and collected demeanor hide the fact that he is the only survivor of the Church’s Excalibur experiments, who were so brutal that left him traumatized and killed all his friends when he was a mere child and to top it off, he is an artificial human without sense of self worth; he is so deeply loyal to Rias simply because he has nothing else to hold on, something that Rias knows but is unable to fix. He even admits to it in the Kokabiel arc. Though it gets kinda fixed with Issei and Koneko’s friendship (with a healthy dose of Rias’ Tough Love to help) Replica Designer Handbags.