Girl Next Door: Literally with Homer’s girlfriend Wilma

Inverted with Fred, who evidently comes from poverty (his father and stepmother live in a dilapidated shack), but was a captain flying B 17 bombers. Girl Next Door: Literally with Homer’s girlfriend Wilma. Peggy could also Replica Hermes count. Then Jerry comes in. Black Comedy: Jerry’s pets talk to him, which is occasionally played for comedy, as is Jerry’s social awkwardness. The credits sequence also does a Mood Whiplash play for comedy. Ironically, Taxil’s real world claims are still taken seriously by some people these days. Because I’m Good at It: It is true that Simonini’s job implies many unethical activities, but he didn’t really have a choice after he was practically forced to become an apprentice for a forger lawyer who disinherited him. Becoming the Mask: Simonini impersonates the priest Dalla Piccola for a number of years and then suffers a split personality where one of his personalities is himself and the other Piccola.

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