«I think when we lose the goal though there are ways to react

We had a real spring in our step and we were all together.(Image: Rob Casey/SNS Group)»We went in at half time and we said that we had to just do more of the same, keep doing what we were doing, and the goal would come.»Obviously it’s then a sore one to take.»We’ve had a chance to go and beat Hamilton at home and put on another good performance, and I think in the first half we did that.»We didn’t get the goal, fair enough, that happens, it’s football.»I think when we lose the goal though there are ways to react and ways to respond, and I think we got a bit nervy and didn’t really trust each other on the pitch, and that’s what happens when that sneaks into your game.»On that result, people are going to question us, there’s no doubt.»There’s no doubt that there are games this season that we have lost that we have been favourites to go and win and we’ve not done it.

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