A focused close up photo is required

I adored Siena as a character, and Jason was not bad either 😉 plus it was great to meet Lisa and Will before their Book 3 story. The plot overall was also really interesting. But. Please read this and get the requested pics before you post your request in the Authenticate This thread.PHOTOS NEEDED TO DETERMINE AUTHENTICITY OF CLASSIC FLAP BAGS1) front, back, and side/bottom views of bag2) CHANEL stamp and MADE IN FRANCE/ITALY stamp (note: in vintage bags, the MADE IN FRANCE/ITALY stamp is directly across the CHANEL stamp on the opposite side). A focused close up photo is required.3) back side of the CC turnknob showing the 2 screws and CHANEL/PARIS engraving. A focused close up photo is required.4) engraving on the interior zipper head and hanging ornament, if applicable.

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